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Want better quality, natural, ecological building materials?

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Welcome to Partel - High Performance Building supplies and much more. We are established in the UK, Ireland, and recently North America. We have a background in Engineering, Architecture and Building physics. We offer a wide range of high performance exterior/interior sealing tapes and membranes, aimed specifically at the low energy building sector. The company was founded by Hugh Whiriskey in 2011.

Through continuing technological developments we aim to improve the building fabric with the following associated improvements

  • Reduce heating/cooling costs
  • Avoid related structural damage
  • Minimise pollutants for homeowners
  • Achieve specified R/U values
  • Reduced Noise
  • Ventilation systems can achieve maximum efficiency
Partel have found that there is a growing demand for higher quality next generation building products, and believe that the focus will continue to move towards natural and sustainable product.

We also offer customised technical sales and provide support on all of our products from specification advice. We offer WUFI analysis, training, and onsite inspections. We believe we have a lot to offer to the modern Architect and builder.

Our product range can be described as next generation using monolithic technology for exterior membranes and tapes that are designed to last a lifetime.

In addition to low energy buildings we have large a number of NZEB, Passivhaus and Enerphit projects on our books which we believe is a reflection of the quality of our products and  services".